≥ $1.5 MILLION


As part of the operating budget, the Bancroft
Fund is a top priority each year. Your gift puts our
School out in front with critical support for faculty,
students, enrichment activities, and special
programs and events.


The Bancroft Fund gives us the flexibility to
say “yes” and empower students and faculty to
pursue their own intriguing ideas...such as Upper
School students making a giant hyperboloid with
12-foot bamboo poles and then teaching fourth

graders how to do it on a smaller scale...Middle
School students designing and constructing a
mini-amphitheater as an outdoor classroom...and
Lower School students building a Buddy Bench–
a place to find a friendly playmate during recess.


Your gift to the Bancroft Fund during the
campaign–whether you are making your first
contribution, maintaining your existing level,
or stretching beyond it
–helps the School stay

out in front year after year.

“Our kids come home excited from the

'hands-on' learning that happens at  Bancroft every day.”

Kelly Hurd, Current parent
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Kelly Hurd

Current Parent



≥ $1.2 MILLION

Your campaign gift will keep on giving,
strengthening Bancroft’s endowment in
perpetuity. Income from the endowment plays
a vital role in attracting the highest caliber of
faculty and students from diverse backgrounds
and experiences.


Our faculty, 67% of whom hold advanced
degrees, are our best asset. Through the
campaign, we aim to raise endowed funds to
keep faculty salaries and benefits competitive
and support professional development
opportunities, particularly those relating to
the Learning Laboratory Method.


Endowed funds help Bancroft admit the best young

minds in Central Massachusetts across the socio-
economic spectrum. Approximately one-third of

our students receive aid, adding to the diversity of
backgrounds and experiences in our classrooms
and enriching the learning of all.


Endowed funds also support the Worcester City

Scholars program. Bancroft launched this merit-
based initiative in 1996 to foster diversity and

inclusion at the School and better serve the City of
Worcester. Bancroft has kept its promise all these
years by annually selecting two new ninth grade
students for full, four-year scholarships. Gifts to
endowment for this purpose will help the School
continue to cover the full cost of tuition and fees
for a total of eight Upper School students per year.

"I want the students of today and tomorrow to have the opportunities that I had"

Jane Difley ’67


Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests


≥ $5.3 MILLION


Over the past five years, we’ve focused on pedagogy and
curriculum and reconfigured our daily schedule to allow
for independent research and collaborative projects.
We renovated the music wing and field house, enhanced
communal spaces, and created specialized classrooms,
including a Digital Media Lab and an Upper School
math classroom. Recently, we have begun to reimagine
spaces for college counseling, learning support, and
administrative/faculty offices in the Upper School.


Active teaching and learning take place everywhere at Bancroft. Freedom of movement is key. Your generosity will enable us to open up, reconfigure, and furnish classrooms and collaborative spaces with adaptive, movable desks, tables, work stations, chairs and seating to support the learning experience, primarily in the Middle and Upper Schools.


Flexible spaces, furniture, and writing surfaces foster interaction and encourage creativity.


By participating in the campaign, you are helping Bancroft move its learning environments beyond the limitations of traditional desks and chairs.


Your generosity allows us to create an environment that spurs

spontaneous exchange of ideas, impromptu collaboration among groups of all sizes, reflective time alone or with others, and the opportunity for informal, yet focused conversations for students, while they relax with classmates.